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starting from what i know

What I know..

I know the wellbeing of humans, even when they forget about it. I keep reminding my self of the greatness and the uniqueness of each individual, the power, the strength that each one of us have. I can see the hopes, the future, the dreams, the visions and the perfection of the desires and the wants that each on of us have created through the life journey. and this is where my focus is directed, flowing along with creative energy.

Yes, we all live in this world with its ups and downs yes, we all experience growth, sometimes in not very comfortable way, and our lives components and variables are mostly out of our control, but haven’t we all outgrown our troubles at a certain point through our life journeys? what one time was trouble, is not trouble anymore.

I hold the visions and the dreams tight, and shin the lights on them, so when the person is ready, he/she can see them, and start moving towards them.

Life changes, and we lose our balance sometimes with the more that life adds, or the less that life takes.

it is wise to acknowledge where we are now, for the purpose of starting somewhere.

then pick up the pace and look forward, hold the dreams and aims in our minds and hearts, and get inspired to the next step, then the next, then the next ..

And then, the future is the new now.

Mahabbeh Mowakket


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