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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Mahabbeh is a bi-lingual Syrian professional Manager, Based in Dubai,  founder of AttrACT Coaching

Trainer, ICF certified and accredited coach with diploma in Professional coaching practice, ACC, Licensed Executive coach and ICF certified team coach, with experience over 11 years in UAE market, worked in customer service roles for over 15 years, combined experience of office Management, sales teams Management and business development, specially experienced with start up companies. 

works with Executives and teams, and Individuals, passionate about training, coaching and combines this passion with a background in Information System, in Management, statistics and accounting. 

meditation teacher, mindfulness practitioner since 2014.

teacher and coach of the Law of Attraction foundations and Energy creation. 

Mahabbeh Black  small.jpg

interest in philosophy , and seeing life in an eyes of a philosopher, yes the universe is a friendly place, optimist and  


  • ACTP , Diploma in professional coaching practice 

  • certified team coach

  • Licensed Executive coach.

  • ACC, ICF  Accredited certified coach 


  • Experience working with individuals, on their personal and professional journeys

  • offer in person and online coaching sessions.

  • experienced teams trainer and coach.

  • customized and purposeful training and coaching programs

  • creating and designing training and coaching enhancing tools. 

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